Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jayson's Pay It Forward

Part 1
Pay it forward means that when you do something for someone, instead of asking them to pay it back to you, you tell them to pay it forward to someone else. It's when someone does something nice for 3 people, then those 3 people do something nice for 9 people, and so on.

Part 2
My act of kindness was donating my old clothes to the Siloam mission.

I chose this activity because I had alot of clothes that i didn't wear anymore, or the ones that couldn't fit me.

I helped people who needed clothes to keep themselves warm in the cold environment.

I donated all my things at January 8, 2014.
My old clothes

At the entrance of the Siloam Mision

 Part 3
My act of kindness went really well.

I walked in, handed my bag with the clothes in it, then we went back to the car.

I felt happy that someone has clothes that need it way more than I do.

I did not ask them to pay it forward because the people in there are already helping each other out and doing nice things to the people that are not so fortunate.

The person i gave the clothes did not react  excited because they already get alot of donations from other people.

Part 4
The idea of pay it forward is important because spreading joy joy to people makes them happy. If people are happy, they can do great things.

Any act of kindness can make a difference, no matter how big or how small, you just have to commit to doing it.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Nassia's Pay It Forward

 Pay It Forward

What is Pay It Forward?

Pay it forward is an an act of kindness towards someone else. But it doesn't stop there, because then that person does a good deed for another person, and it keeps going on.

My Act of Kindness

I did my act of kindness throughout this past week. For my act of kindness, I decided to share encouraging words with others. I came up with things I would want to hear myself, and things that should be said more often and printed it on paper with extra fancy fonts. Then I distributed the letters throughout my neighborhood. I chose this act of kindness because it is actually unusual for a stranger to just go up to someone and tell them they are awesome. Usually people don't try hard to build others up, especially if you don't know them. Negative things are said more often than positive things in our world.

The Effect
So I went out one evening in the snow and delivered the letters. I felt good every time I slipped one into a mailbox, wondering how that person would react. At one moment, an old man found my letter immediately, and stared at me from across the street, where I was still delivering letters to other houses. He looked as if he was touched. It made me feel great because I felt that my idea wasn't as good or big as others in our class, and it gave me motivation to keep delivering, knowing my act of kindness was going to reach out to people. I had put the meaning of Pay It Forward  at the bottom of every letter to inspire others to do keep the kindness going. I think people will want to Pay It Forward.

The Importance Of Pay It Forward

I think the idea of Pay It Forward is important because it's a way to reach out to others, and then get them to do the same. The effect is amazing. If everyone did acts of kindness, I think the whole world could be impacted. 

I think my act of kindness has made a difference. When I came home from the school the other day I found that most of the letters had been recieved. Even though I can't be sure that people were inspired by my letters, I am sure that I was inspired after the whole experience.

- Nassia

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pay it forward Manual

Part 1: Paying something forward is when you do something out of the goodness of your heart for no reward or recognition.

Part 2: For my act of kindness I donated a garbage bag of close that I didn't wear or didn't fit to the good will.
I chose this because I always do donate clothes,  probably around once a month and because it has been really cold lately and lots of kids in the city need clothes.
By doing this I helped children around the area by giving them clothes at a cheaper kind of store instead of paying hundreds of dollars on jackets and shirt and stuff.
I went through all of my drawers and made a pile for clothes I didn't need and clothes I wanted to keep.
I did this all on January 3rd.

Part 3: All my act of kindness was just me dropping off some clothes.
I just put the bag in the big grey rolling bins by the door.
I felt good because I know that I'm helping out some children who can't afford new clothes.
I guess the people who worked there felt pretty happy that a kid is helping out by donating clothes.
No I did not ask anyone to pay it forward because there are allot of people who could just buy one article of clothing so plenty of people could buy my old clothes.

Part 4: The idea of paying something forward is important because if you do it once another person will do it so that makes 2 people and then they will both tell a person and on and on.
I'm sure that my act of kindness will affect people in time because my clothes may not be sold and bought right away.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pay it forward .. Ericka Anne and Alyssa millar

Who are you going to help?

i did this homework with my classmate named Alyssa millar
 we help a homeless person.

What are you going to do ?

What were going to do is give a food and an extra change in the homeless person.
Where are you going to go?

We went at the gasoline station and wait there to see a homeless person to come by.

When are you going to do this ?

We did this before Christmas and i believe that's December 23 2013.

this is the picture of what we gave to the homeless man..

When me and Alyssa did this we felt happy and glad that we've helped one that needs help. what happened is he got surprise cause we walked towards him and gave him snack and money. we felt great and happy i think the person felt surprise and confuse and maybe happy too!! he say thank you to us and yes you can see in his eyes that his happy.

By: Ericka Anne Magnaye, Allyssa Millar 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Andren, Sam, and Allan's Pay it forward

Part 1- What is Pay it Forward?
To "Pay it Forward" you have to do a random act of kindness for three people and then tell them what pay it forward is so that they can do it too.

Part 2-What was your Pay it Forward act of kindness?
Me(Allan), Sam, and Andren all went out on some of the coldest days and shoveled peoples sidewalks for free!

Why did you choose this activity?
We chose this activity because it is has been cold and snowing a lot and people need their sidewalks shoveled but if it's really cold they wont want to do it.

Who did you help?
We helped two women and one family.

What did you do?
We shoveled their sidewalks and stairs for free and one of the ladies wanted us to do her back deck so we did that too.

When did you do your act of kindness?
We did it on Thursday and then again on Sunday of last week.

Part 3- How did your act of kindness go? 
Our act of kindness went really well.

How did you feel?
We felt really good after, we felt like we really made a difference in those peoples lives even if it was something small that we did, it's sometimes the gesture more than the deed.

How did the person or people react?
one of the ladies came out while we were shovelling and had a bag full of little candies and things. She said that because we didn't ask for any money she thought we deserved some things (We turned it down though and told her about pay it forward).

Did you ask the person or people to Pay it Forward?
Yes we did ask the two women to pay it forward but not the family.

How did they react to your request?
They reacted very shocked and they had to ask us a couple times if we were serious.

If you did not ask the person to "Pay it Forward" how come?
We didn't ask the family because they weren't home.

Part 4- Why is the idea of "Pay it Forward" important?
It is really important because we live in a really self centered sociaty and this makes people think about others and do good deeds for others.

Has you act of kindness made a difference?
Yes our act of kindness has made a difference for the people that we helped and the people that hopefully get helped by them.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Jordynne's Pay it Forward

~Part One~

What is 'Pay it Forward'?
Pay it Forward is a random act of kindness towards one or more people, and when they ask what they can do to pay you back, you tell them to pay it forward to more people by performing another random act of kindness and to pass on the message of Pay it Forward, and this creates an unending cycle of kindness.

~Part Two~

What was your Pay it Forward act of kindness?
My Pay it Forward act of kindness was giving out Happy Packages (made of a pencil, chocolate, a big smiley face sticker and a special Pay it Forward note in a small bag) to the grade eight teachers.

Why did you choose this activity?
I chose this activity because it was simple, quick, and unique, and it would've easily made someone happy if they were having a bad day.

Who did you help?
I helped out the grade eight teachers.

What did you do?
I made the Happy Packages at home and delivered them personally to the teachers the next day.

When did you do your act of kindness?
My act of kindness was done one 01-06-2014.

These Happy Packages contained a pencil, a smiley face sticker (it was in the back of that bag), a Ferrero Rocher chocolate, and a special Pay it Forward note.

The Pay it Forward note explained what Pay it Forward is and what you can do as an act of kindness. It also had a diagram of how Pay it Forward  spreads out to different people.

~Part Three~

How did your act of kindness go?
My act of kindness went better than I expected.

What happened?
I personally gave the packages to three of the grade eight teachers. When I did, they were really happy. For the other two teachers, I just dropped it off on their desk as a little 'surprise', so they could have a little spark in their evening.

How did you feel?
It was heartwarming that I was able to make these people smile with a simple goody bag. Instead of just standing around, I was able to make a tiny difference in someones day, and I feel really happy about that.

How did the person or people react?
The teachers that I personally gave the packages to gasped and smiled. They looked so surprised, as if someone never gave them a Happy Package before! I have yet to know the reactions of the other two teachers.

Did you ask the person or people to Pay it Forward?
Sadly, I didn't have the time to.

How did they react to your request?
~see above~

If you did not ask the person to Pay it Forward, how come?
I didn't ask them because I had to rush to the other teachers before they left. On the bright side, I put a Pay it Forward note in the bag that explains how it works and what they could do.

~Part Four~

Why is the act of Pay it Forward important?
The act of Pay it Forward is important because everybody needs to be kind at some point in their lives. Whether it's helping someone pick up their belongings off of the ground or caring for a homeless person without your parents' permission, every little kind thing you do makes a difference, and when you tell those people to pass on the message of Pay it Forward, you activate an unending cycle of people making a difference in the world.

Has your act of kindness made a difference?
Yeah, my act of kindness made a difference by making a few peoples day a bit brighter and happier. By doing this, they'll know that someone cares, and they can pass it on to so many more people so they know that there is always someone who cares about them.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jullana's Pay it Forward

Part 1-
  What is "Pay it Forward"
       Pay it forward is a random act of kindness for someone in need.Its basically helping someone in need and asking them to pay it forward by helping someone out too, creating a chain-like effect.

Part 2-
  What was your Pay it Forward act of kindness?
         For my Pay it Forward I did 2 different act of kindness. The first one was I volunteered to help with the lighting in the winter concert. For my second act of kindness I went to a home care for kids with disabilities and gave them gifts and had a chat with some of them.
  Why did you choose this activity?
         The reason I did my first act of kindness was because I wanted to help out the school. The reason I did my second act of kindness was because I wanted to help them out and make them happy.
  Who did you help?
          I help some of the kids
  What did you do?
         I talked with some of the kids and gave them stuffed toys.
  When did you do your act of kindness?
          I did my act of kindness on December 28th

Part 3-
  How did your act of kindness go?
        I think my act of kindness went really well. Both the kids and the workers seemed really happy.
  How did you feel?
       I felt really happy that I could make these people happy. Just seeing the smile on their faces made me really happy.
  How did the person or people react?
       They reacted very happily and thankful.
  Did you ask the person/people to "pay it forward"
No, I didn't ask them to pay it forward because they were already doing a good deed by taking care of the kids.

Part 4-
 Why is the idea of  "Pay it Forward" important?
       I think the reason the idea of "Pay it Forward" is so important is because we need to make this world a better place for the next generation of people so that they don't have to experience all the bad things on earth. Its also important because by participating in "Pay it Forward" more people can be helped.
 Has your act of kindness made a difference?
    I don't really think my act of kindness made a big difference but it put a smile on these people's faces and that makes me happy knowing that I probably made someone's day by doing little deeds like this.

Nicole's Pay it Forward Post

Nicole's Pay it Forward Project

Part 1-

What is “Pay it Forward”?
Pay it Forward is an idea or movement where people share good deeds towards each other. More specifically, paying it forward means paying the debt of someone’s act of kindness by creating your own acts of kindness to a third person. In the movie, “Pay it Forward,” to pay forward your debt to someone’s act of generosity, you must pay it forward to three other people. Then those people share kindness to three other people, creating something sort of like a ripple effect (a chain of cause and effect). In end result, what is envisioned is a world of people spreading acts of affection and compassion.

Part 2-

What was your Pay it Forward act of kindness?
My Pay it Forward act of kindness was actually two different deeds. Erika, Jenny and I formed a group and we decided we wanted to donate a bunch of our old books, toys and games to children in the Philippines. Though we thought it would be difficult to send these gifts on our own, we decided to gain help from the Heart of Worship International Church. They had gladly accepted the gifts to send to the Philippines and also spare a few for the children of the Church. Of course, we wanted to do more acts of kindness,  so we decided to bake cookies as well and hand them out to strangers at The Forks.

Why did you choose this activity?
-We decided to donate a bunch of our old belongings and donate them to children in the Philippines because of the recent Typhoon that had struck, causing devastation. Possibly shedding some light into some dreary days for the children, donating old games and stuffed animals may help them realize they are not alone.
While typing this down I somewhat realized how lucky I am to actually have toys and games compared to these children going through natural disaster. It helped me realize how simple it can be to donate your old belongings that you don’t even use anymore, to people that would gladly take it.
- We decided to bake cookies and hand them out to strangers because I felt that the idea of “Pay it Forward” is such an amazing idea that people had to know. We also decided to do this simple act because of the stress and hecticness that comes with the Holidays. We wanted to spread some joy and holiday spirit.

Who did you help?
By donating some old possessions that we don’t use anymore, we helped children in the Philippines by giving them something to hope for during their time of need. We also helped some kids at the Heart of Worship International Church by donating some of our toys to them.
By handing out sugar cookies we made to random strangers, we possibly brightened up their hectic day at work or help improve their holiday spirit.

What did you do?
The three of us donated some of our old possessions to give to children in the Philippines as well as to some children at the church. We also baked cookies, decorated, packaged them, and hand them out to some strangers who gladly accepted the challenge of paying forward out act of kindness.

When did you do your act of kindness?
We did our acts of kindness over the span of a few days. During the first week of our break, we decided to find some of the things we wanted to donate. We then baked our cookies on December 28th and prepared everything on December 29th. On December 30th, the toys and games were donated to the Heart of Worship International Church. We also handed out our cookies the same day at The Forks.


(I am not sure why I couldn't embed the YouTube video properly. In case this happens, here's a link to the YouTube video: )

Part 3:

How did your act of kindness go?
Our act of kindness when pretty well, in my opinion. Although there were a few faults in the system when our original plan was to donate our toys to the Children’s Hospital Foundation, I felt dumbfounded when I never considered the fact of donating the toys and games to children in Tacloban city. As far as the cookies went, it went well. It was pretty nerve-wracking, I have to say, when we had to walk up to people at random and give them cookies. (Which some of them actually thought they had to pay for them)

What happened?
For pay it forward, what happened this year for our group was the act of donating and giving. Through a course of many days of planning and deciding, we decided on donating our old books, toys, and games that we don’t use anymore and to put them into a better use. We also baked sugar cookies and gave them to strangers, just like a random act of kindness.

How did you feel?
It felt great knowing that our work and effort was put into great use. People smiled, and thanked us. We were even called Angels and we also made somebody’s day! I felt like I was making a huge impact on their days, and I was even left wondering; “Will these people go to bed thinking about us?” “Will they pay it forward?” and even, “What do they think of this idea?”. As for donating my old toys and games, at first, I felt a pang of sadness because of how this was my childhood, and that I won’t be able to see them when I’m older, and recall my times as a little kid. Although, it also encouraged me to donate even more, because of how some children won’t be able to do such things. I want them to enjoy themselves with the toys I donated and also make them happy.

How did the person/people react?
When handing out cookies we made ourselves, the people receiving them thought we were such nice people. We told them about how we were doing this to spread awareness of Pay it Forward, and how we wanted them to pay it forward as well. Even though some people didn’t accept the cookies, we know how they thought about our cause.
As for our donations to the Philippines, an Elder for the church was more than excited about us doing nice deeds. I wish we could see the reactions of the young children on the other side of the world receiving the gifts and their reactions.

Did you ask the person/people to “Pay it Forward”?
Yes, I asked people to pay the action forward, and handed them the cookies.

How did they react to your request?
The people I asked to Pay it Forward reacted to my request by asking about the topic, and some said it was a brilliant idea.

Part 4:

Why is the idea of “Pay it Forward” important?
The idea of Pay it Forward is important because of the message behind it. It proves to you how doing simple actions can create a chain of events for the better.

Has your act of kindness made a difference?
I think that the acts of kindness that we did made an impact towards the children in the Philippines by reminding them that they’re not alone. I also think that the random acts of kindness we did for the random strangers helped them realize that Pay it Forward is such an amazing idea and that they should take action.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sarah's Pay it Forward

Part 1-What is "Pay it Forward":

"Pay it Forward" is when you display kindness towards a person or a group of people just because. To pay it forward you must do something that will help someone and the only thing you ask for in return is for them to do the same, to “Pay it forward”. The main objective of doing this is that your act of kindness will move others to pass it on, to do something to keep the cycle flowing. You can start something huge with just a little inspiration that sparks a gesture and a good heart to follow it through.   

Part 2- What was your Pay It Forward act of kindness?:

My "Pay it Forward act of Kindness" is spreading a little warmth to ones who need it throughout Winnipeg. I gave out Tim Horton’s gift cards with enough money to buy a cup of coffee or tea and a doughnut. I handed them out with a little message inside telling them to "Pay it Forward". 

Why did you choose this activity?:

I chose this activity because I thought that even though it was simple, it could change someone’s day. While I was sitting inside the well known coffee shop, warmer than the frigid air outside, I was thinking about how awful it would be not to be able to get something hot in the cold cold days. I know how harsh a Winnipeg winter is first hand, and without my hot beverage from Tim Horton’s, my view on winter would be even more miserable than it already is. This card gives someone the chance to get into a warm place and have a reason to stay there for a while. It can initiate someone to have a purpose and interact with the society around them. Also what person doesn’t want to get a little bit warmer this winter?

Who did you help?:

I helped anyone who I thought would need it. People who are looking especially cold or someone who needs to be warmed up. The first person I had helped was standing on the side of the street on a terribly cold winter afternoon. Our family were driving when we saw the man and he caught my attention. His face was very red and even from the van I felt cold just looking at him. He stayed in my memory until after we were done our errands and we were driving back that way, he was still standing there, still cold, that's when I gave him the card. I helped a variety of people, most of which, like in this story, spoke to me. I knew that I should just help them. It was not planned that I would meet him there at noon, nor did I even know who he was or what he was doing. It was just that, a little random act of kindness to someone you know you could help.
What did you do?:

I gave out a little bit of warmth to ones who needed it more than I did. I gave out prepaid Tim cards with enough money to buy something hot (a coffee or tea) and a sweet treat (a doughnut). During my winter break I always kept these cards in my purse and gave them out to a random person who looked in need of some warmth.

When did you do you act of kindness?:

I did this act of kindness at random, I didn't know when I would run into a person who needed warmth, I just know that if I keep the cards in my purse for sure I will find someone. And I did. It was actually hard to find these people but with a but of determination my plan worked out. My little acts of kindness were all distributed throughout the break.


                                  (Writing in the Tim Horton's gift card envelopes to"Pay it Forward".)

Part 3-

How did your act of kindness go?:

My act of kindness went well. It had touched some hearts and spread a little bit warmth from me to them. Everyone seemed to react well to this. Most replyed "thank you" and it touched a few hearts. 

What Happened?:

For the first person I went out of the van to hand him this card. As soon I exited the van he seemed to keep walking away not noticing me. I had to stalk him for a couple of feet before I got his attention. Though, not expecting me to get out of a vehicle to hand him something caused him a startle to turn around and see me. When he did see me he screamed very loud that startled me very much so I just said, “Here you go, this is for you.” Handed it to him, and he replied, “thank you”. I Turned around and left a very startled but happy me.  
How did you feel?:

At first I was reluctant to get out and interact with a complete stranger. But after I was done I felt satisfied. I wondered who they would pay it forward to, and if they’ll use it, and if they actually needed it. I wondered how they would react to the message, and if they’ll take it to their hearts. But all in all I felt really good inside. I felt hopeful. I hope that they will pay it forward and that they won’t forget this little act of kindness and that the people they help will pass it on, to "pay it forward" and so on. 

How did the person or people react?:
At first they seemed surprised but they were surely grateful. The first person I had payed it forward to was really surprised, but he was happy. One person even knew what pay it forward was all about because they had watched the movie before.

Did you ask the person or people to "Pay It Forward"?:
Yes I did ask them to "pay it forward" either with a written or a verbal form of communication.  

How did they react to your request?:
They reacted to the request by acknowledging it and saying thank you. Inside the envelope where the card is held there is a note telling the person what to to with it and to pay it forward. Probably they will read it when they open it, but I don't know how they will react to the written request because I was not present while they were reading it. Though I hope that they will read it and take it to heart.When I said "pay it Forward" some knew the movie and what it was all about.

If you did not ask the person to "Pay It Forward" how come?:

For the first person I did forget to say "Pay it Forward" only because he had startled me (as explained in Part 3, question 2) making me lose my train of thought. Though he will still probably know to pay it forward because it is written both on the inside and on the opening side of the card.

Part 4-

Why is the idea of "Pay it Forward" important?:

The idea of "Pay it Forward" is important because it motivates you to get up and try to start thinking about other people than yourself. It helps us think about other people and their situations, be it better or worse than yours. "Pay it Forward" is important because it could be a global movement if we all try it out. With just a small but powerful act of kindness you can change the whole outlook of the world we live in, changing other people’s lives one by one helping us all live in a happier world. A world where people think about how to benefit other people's lives other than their own. To start thinking that other people might too need things and you might have the power to help. I learned a very important lesson when I was younger that really helps me out when I think about my life and other peoples' in general. It is that no matter what situation you are in it can always be worse. And that for every person that is better off than you are, there is someone who dreams of being you. So share what you have, even if it is small, with the ones who lack it.

Has your act of kindness made a difference?:

I don’t know whether it will make a difference yet. I guess that is the power of "Pay it Forward", you really don’t find out what becomes of the person you have helped. They just become a part of your past and you of theirs. There is a lot of hope involved, hoping that maybe it can start a chain reaction. This act of kindness though, may not have made a ripple in the lives I’ve met (though I hope it did) but it made a difference in my life. I talked a lot about this topic with my parents and they were very enthusiastic about it. We might even keep this as a yearly tradition.  

*You may have already noticed that I did not add very many pictures of the people who recived the card. This is only because I do not want to risk the privacy of these people.* 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Erika's Pay It Forward

Erika's Pay It Forward 

Part 1-
What is "Pay It Forward?" 
      Pay It Forward is a act of random kindness. You do something nice to someone, it could either be something big, or something really simple, to a group of people, or an individual then watch the reaction grow, as those people do the same. The littlest things you do, can cause a huge difference in the community.

Part 2-
What was your Pay It Forward act of kindness?
     Nicole, Jenny, and I decided to team up and do our project together. We decided we would bake cookies, and hand them out to strangers throughout The Forks! We also decided to get some of our used/new toys and donate them to Heart of Worship International Church. The toys we donated went to some of the kids at the local church, and also are going to be sent to the Victims of the Haiyan Typhoon in the Philippines.

Why did you choose this activity? 
     We chose these activities because it's the holidays and we wanted to give people happiness, by our festive cookies, and used/new toys that were also wrapped! We chose to donate to the Heart of Worship International Church because, since it was Christmas a few days after we wanted the kids at the church, and the victims in the Philippines to be able to have/play with some new toys. 

How did you help?
    We helped the children at the Church, and also the victims of the Typhon in the Philippines by donating our old/new toys to them. We also helped make peoples day more happier, and made their day by handing out cookies to strangers, and store owners at The Forks. 

What did you do? 
   We baked and gave away our sugar cookies that took awhile to bake, and decorate. We also donated to the Heart of Worship International Church. 

When did you do your act of kindness? 
    On December 28th 2013, we baked our cookies and decorated them, on December 29th 2013 we packed them, and on December 30th 2013 we went to The Forks and handed out our cookies, and donated our used/new toys to the Church. 

Our Pay It Forward Video :)

Part 3-
How did your act of kindness go?
     In my opinion, I think it went really well! Baking the cookies took awhile, but at the end they turned out really good. While handing them out we got a little shy, well I did.. but we handed them all out and seeing the people smile was honestly so heart warming. 

What happened? 
      What happened was we had individual days for each things, the first day we baked our cookies, and decorated them. Since that took awhile and it was already late we decided to packed them up the next day. So we got materials we needed to package the cookies and put tags on. The next day we got all our stuff and went to The Forks, to hand out our cookies to strangers. While we were at The Forks, Nicole's parents went to the Heart of Worship International Church to donate our toys. Since we weren't there, they printed out a certificate for proof to give to us. 

How did you feel?
      I felt really good about ourselves, since we baked cookies, and decorated them using our own time to hand out to people. Seeing them smile and tell us how this was a really great idea, was honestly so amazing, and made me smile like crazy. When one of the worker lady's told us we made her day by telling her what we were doing and by the cookies, I was honestly so happy about that, and was instantly smiling. Donating the toys to the Victims from the Philippines, and from the church was amazing, knowing that toys that were just sitting in the basement doing nothing, were going to children and having use again. 

How did the person or people react? 
      About 2% of the people we tried handing out our cookies to, didn't accept them, but it was okay. Other than that, the people we handed them out to were honestly so happy to know that we were doing something like that. Some of the people were asking what school we went to because of how awesome of a project it was. For the Church, we didn't get to see the children's reactions since we weren't there to see it, but I bet they when they receive our stuff they'll be really happy. 

Did you ask the people or person to "Pay It Forward"? 
  Yes, my friends and I did ask the people to Pay It Forward, and do something nice for three people. 

How did they react to your request?
    All the people we gave cookies to, we asked them if they accepted the challenge and they all were down to do to the request. Although Some of the people didn't accept the request, it was fine after all, since there were a lot of others who accepted it. 

Part 4-
Why is the idea "Pay It Forward" important?
   Well, the idea of Pay It Forward is important because once you do something for a stranger or two, it creates a chain affect and starts getting bigger, all because of person did something good. 

Has you act of kindness make a difference? 
   Yeah! I think so, because I don't think the strangers at The Forks would have known that they were going to get a cookie while in The Forks, which caused them to smile a ton. Also, telling those people that doing one good deed for three people can cause such a big affect.