Friday, January 10, 2014

Nassia's Pay It Forward

 Pay It Forward

What is Pay It Forward?

Pay it forward is an an act of kindness towards someone else. But it doesn't stop there, because then that person does a good deed for another person, and it keeps going on.

My Act of Kindness

I did my act of kindness throughout this past week. For my act of kindness, I decided to share encouraging words with others. I came up with things I would want to hear myself, and things that should be said more often and printed it on paper with extra fancy fonts. Then I distributed the letters throughout my neighborhood. I chose this act of kindness because it is actually unusual for a stranger to just go up to someone and tell them they are awesome. Usually people don't try hard to build others up, especially if you don't know them. Negative things are said more often than positive things in our world.

The Effect
So I went out one evening in the snow and delivered the letters. I felt good every time I slipped one into a mailbox, wondering how that person would react. At one moment, an old man found my letter immediately, and stared at me from across the street, where I was still delivering letters to other houses. He looked as if he was touched. It made me feel great because I felt that my idea wasn't as good or big as others in our class, and it gave me motivation to keep delivering, knowing my act of kindness was going to reach out to people. I had put the meaning of Pay It Forward  at the bottom of every letter to inspire others to do keep the kindness going. I think people will want to Pay It Forward.

The Importance Of Pay It Forward

I think the idea of Pay It Forward is important because it's a way to reach out to others, and then get them to do the same. The effect is amazing. If everyone did acts of kindness, I think the whole world could be impacted. 

I think my act of kindness has made a difference. When I came home from the school the other day I found that most of the letters had been recieved. Even though I can't be sure that people were inspired by my letters, I am sure that I was inspired after the whole experience.

- Nassia

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