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Nicole's Pay it Forward Post

Nicole's Pay it Forward Project

Part 1-

What is “Pay it Forward”?
Pay it Forward is an idea or movement where people share good deeds towards each other. More specifically, paying it forward means paying the debt of someone’s act of kindness by creating your own acts of kindness to a third person. In the movie, “Pay it Forward,” to pay forward your debt to someone’s act of generosity, you must pay it forward to three other people. Then those people share kindness to three other people, creating something sort of like a ripple effect (a chain of cause and effect). In end result, what is envisioned is a world of people spreading acts of affection and compassion.

Part 2-

What was your Pay it Forward act of kindness?
My Pay it Forward act of kindness was actually two different deeds. Erika, Jenny and I formed a group and we decided we wanted to donate a bunch of our old books, toys and games to children in the Philippines. Though we thought it would be difficult to send these gifts on our own, we decided to gain help from the Heart of Worship International Church. They had gladly accepted the gifts to send to the Philippines and also spare a few for the children of the Church. Of course, we wanted to do more acts of kindness,  so we decided to bake cookies as well and hand them out to strangers at The Forks.

Why did you choose this activity?
-We decided to donate a bunch of our old belongings and donate them to children in the Philippines because of the recent Typhoon that had struck, causing devastation. Possibly shedding some light into some dreary days for the children, donating old games and stuffed animals may help them realize they are not alone.
While typing this down I somewhat realized how lucky I am to actually have toys and games compared to these children going through natural disaster. It helped me realize how simple it can be to donate your old belongings that you don’t even use anymore, to people that would gladly take it.
- We decided to bake cookies and hand them out to strangers because I felt that the idea of “Pay it Forward” is such an amazing idea that people had to know. We also decided to do this simple act because of the stress and hecticness that comes with the Holidays. We wanted to spread some joy and holiday spirit.

Who did you help?
By donating some old possessions that we don’t use anymore, we helped children in the Philippines by giving them something to hope for during their time of need. We also helped some kids at the Heart of Worship International Church by donating some of our toys to them.
By handing out sugar cookies we made to random strangers, we possibly brightened up their hectic day at work or help improve their holiday spirit.

What did you do?
The three of us donated some of our old possessions to give to children in the Philippines as well as to some children at the church. We also baked cookies, decorated, packaged them, and hand them out to some strangers who gladly accepted the challenge of paying forward out act of kindness.

When did you do your act of kindness?
We did our acts of kindness over the span of a few days. During the first week of our break, we decided to find some of the things we wanted to donate. We then baked our cookies on December 28th and prepared everything on December 29th. On December 30th, the toys and games were donated to the Heart of Worship International Church. We also handed out our cookies the same day at The Forks.


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Part 3:

How did your act of kindness go?
Our act of kindness when pretty well, in my opinion. Although there were a few faults in the system when our original plan was to donate our toys to the Children’s Hospital Foundation, I felt dumbfounded when I never considered the fact of donating the toys and games to children in Tacloban city. As far as the cookies went, it went well. It was pretty nerve-wracking, I have to say, when we had to walk up to people at random and give them cookies. (Which some of them actually thought they had to pay for them)

What happened?
For pay it forward, what happened this year for our group was the act of donating and giving. Through a course of many days of planning and deciding, we decided on donating our old books, toys, and games that we don’t use anymore and to put them into a better use. We also baked sugar cookies and gave them to strangers, just like a random act of kindness.

How did you feel?
It felt great knowing that our work and effort was put into great use. People smiled, and thanked us. We were even called Angels and we also made somebody’s day! I felt like I was making a huge impact on their days, and I was even left wondering; “Will these people go to bed thinking about us?” “Will they pay it forward?” and even, “What do they think of this idea?”. As for donating my old toys and games, at first, I felt a pang of sadness because of how this was my childhood, and that I won’t be able to see them when I’m older, and recall my times as a little kid. Although, it also encouraged me to donate even more, because of how some children won’t be able to do such things. I want them to enjoy themselves with the toys I donated and also make them happy.

How did the person/people react?
When handing out cookies we made ourselves, the people receiving them thought we were such nice people. We told them about how we were doing this to spread awareness of Pay it Forward, and how we wanted them to pay it forward as well. Even though some people didn’t accept the cookies, we know how they thought about our cause.
As for our donations to the Philippines, an Elder for the church was more than excited about us doing nice deeds. I wish we could see the reactions of the young children on the other side of the world receiving the gifts and their reactions.

Did you ask the person/people to “Pay it Forward”?
Yes, I asked people to pay the action forward, and handed them the cookies.

How did they react to your request?
The people I asked to Pay it Forward reacted to my request by asking about the topic, and some said it was a brilliant idea.

Part 4:

Why is the idea of “Pay it Forward” important?
The idea of Pay it Forward is important because of the message behind it. It proves to you how doing simple actions can create a chain of events for the better.

Has your act of kindness made a difference?
I think that the acts of kindness that we did made an impact towards the children in the Philippines by reminding them that they’re not alone. I also think that the random acts of kindness we did for the random strangers helped them realize that Pay it Forward is such an amazing idea and that they should take action.

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