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Erika's Pay It Forward

Erika's Pay It Forward 

Part 1-
What is "Pay It Forward?" 
      Pay It Forward is a act of random kindness. You do something nice to someone, it could either be something big, or something really simple, to a group of people, or an individual then watch the reaction grow, as those people do the same. The littlest things you do, can cause a huge difference in the community.

Part 2-
What was your Pay It Forward act of kindness?
     Nicole, Jenny, and I decided to team up and do our project together. We decided we would bake cookies, and hand them out to strangers throughout The Forks! We also decided to get some of our used/new toys and donate them to Heart of Worship International Church. The toys we donated went to some of the kids at the local church, and also are going to be sent to the Victims of the Haiyan Typhoon in the Philippines.

Why did you choose this activity? 
     We chose these activities because it's the holidays and we wanted to give people happiness, by our festive cookies, and used/new toys that were also wrapped! We chose to donate to the Heart of Worship International Church because, since it was Christmas a few days after we wanted the kids at the church, and the victims in the Philippines to be able to have/play with some new toys. 

How did you help?
    We helped the children at the Church, and also the victims of the Typhon in the Philippines by donating our old/new toys to them. We also helped make peoples day more happier, and made their day by handing out cookies to strangers, and store owners at The Forks. 

What did you do? 
   We baked and gave away our sugar cookies that took awhile to bake, and decorate. We also donated to the Heart of Worship International Church. 

When did you do your act of kindness? 
    On December 28th 2013, we baked our cookies and decorated them, on December 29th 2013 we packed them, and on December 30th 2013 we went to The Forks and handed out our cookies, and donated our used/new toys to the Church. 

Our Pay It Forward Video :)

Part 3-
How did your act of kindness go?
     In my opinion, I think it went really well! Baking the cookies took awhile, but at the end they turned out really good. While handing them out we got a little shy, well I did.. but we handed them all out and seeing the people smile was honestly so heart warming. 

What happened? 
      What happened was we had individual days for each things, the first day we baked our cookies, and decorated them. Since that took awhile and it was already late we decided to packed them up the next day. So we got materials we needed to package the cookies and put tags on. The next day we got all our stuff and went to The Forks, to hand out our cookies to strangers. While we were at The Forks, Nicole's parents went to the Heart of Worship International Church to donate our toys. Since we weren't there, they printed out a certificate for proof to give to us. 

How did you feel?
      I felt really good about ourselves, since we baked cookies, and decorated them using our own time to hand out to people. Seeing them smile and tell us how this was a really great idea, was honestly so amazing, and made me smile like crazy. When one of the worker lady's told us we made her day by telling her what we were doing and by the cookies, I was honestly so happy about that, and was instantly smiling. Donating the toys to the Victims from the Philippines, and from the church was amazing, knowing that toys that were just sitting in the basement doing nothing, were going to children and having use again. 

How did the person or people react? 
      About 2% of the people we tried handing out our cookies to, didn't accept them, but it was okay. Other than that, the people we handed them out to were honestly so happy to know that we were doing something like that. Some of the people were asking what school we went to because of how awesome of a project it was. For the Church, we didn't get to see the children's reactions since we weren't there to see it, but I bet they when they receive our stuff they'll be really happy. 

Did you ask the people or person to "Pay It Forward"? 
  Yes, my friends and I did ask the people to Pay It Forward, and do something nice for three people. 

How did they react to your request?
    All the people we gave cookies to, we asked them if they accepted the challenge and they all were down to do to the request. Although Some of the people didn't accept the request, it was fine after all, since there were a lot of others who accepted it. 

Part 4-
Why is the idea "Pay It Forward" important?
   Well, the idea of Pay It Forward is important because once you do something for a stranger or two, it creates a chain affect and starts getting bigger, all because of person did something good. 

Has you act of kindness make a difference? 
   Yeah! I think so, because I don't think the strangers at The Forks would have known that they were going to get a cookie while in The Forks, which caused them to smile a ton. Also, telling those people that doing one good deed for three people can cause such a big affect. 

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