Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pay it forward .. Ericka Anne and Alyssa millar

Who are you going to help?

i did this homework with my classmate named Alyssa millar
 we help a homeless person.

What are you going to do ?

What were going to do is give a food and an extra change in the homeless person.
Where are you going to go?

We went at the gasoline station and wait there to see a homeless person to come by.

When are you going to do this ?

We did this before Christmas and i believe that's December 23 2013.

this is the picture of what we gave to the homeless man..

When me and Alyssa did this we felt happy and glad that we've helped one that needs help. what happened is he got surprise cause we walked towards him and gave him snack and money. we felt great and happy i think the person felt surprise and confuse and maybe happy too!! he say thank you to us and yes you can see in his eyes that his happy.

By: Ericka Anne Magnaye, Allyssa Millar