Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jayson's Pay It Forward

Part 1
Pay it forward means that when you do something for someone, instead of asking them to pay it back to you, you tell them to pay it forward to someone else. It's when someone does something nice for 3 people, then those 3 people do something nice for 9 people, and so on.

Part 2
My act of kindness was donating my old clothes to the Siloam mission.

I chose this activity because I had alot of clothes that i didn't wear anymore, or the ones that couldn't fit me.

I helped people who needed clothes to keep themselves warm in the cold environment.

I donated all my things at January 8, 2014.
My old clothes

At the entrance of the Siloam Mision

 Part 3
My act of kindness went really well.

I walked in, handed my bag with the clothes in it, then we went back to the car.

I felt happy that someone has clothes that need it way more than I do.

I did not ask them to pay it forward because the people in there are already helping each other out and doing nice things to the people that are not so fortunate.

The person i gave the clothes did not react  excited because they already get alot of donations from other people.

Part 4
The idea of pay it forward is important because spreading joy joy to people makes them happy. If people are happy, they can do great things.

Any act of kindness can make a difference, no matter how big or how small, you just have to commit to doing it.

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