Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jullana's Pay it Forward

Part 1-
  What is "Pay it Forward"
       Pay it forward is a random act of kindness for someone in need.Its basically helping someone in need and asking them to pay it forward by helping someone out too, creating a chain-like effect.

Part 2-
  What was your Pay it Forward act of kindness?
         For my Pay it Forward I did 2 different act of kindness. The first one was I volunteered to help with the lighting in the winter concert. For my second act of kindness I went to a home care for kids with disabilities and gave them gifts and had a chat with some of them.
  Why did you choose this activity?
         The reason I did my first act of kindness was because I wanted to help out the school. The reason I did my second act of kindness was because I wanted to help them out and make them happy.
  Who did you help?
          I help some of the kids
  What did you do?
         I talked with some of the kids and gave them stuffed toys.
  When did you do your act of kindness?
          I did my act of kindness on December 28th

Part 3-
  How did your act of kindness go?
        I think my act of kindness went really well. Both the kids and the workers seemed really happy.
  How did you feel?
       I felt really happy that I could make these people happy. Just seeing the smile on their faces made me really happy.
  How did the person or people react?
       They reacted very happily and thankful.
  Did you ask the person/people to "pay it forward"
No, I didn't ask them to pay it forward because they were already doing a good deed by taking care of the kids.

Part 4-
 Why is the idea of  "Pay it Forward" important?
       I think the reason the idea of "Pay it Forward" is so important is because we need to make this world a better place for the next generation of people so that they don't have to experience all the bad things on earth. Its also important because by participating in "Pay it Forward" more people can be helped.
 Has your act of kindness made a difference?
    I don't really think my act of kindness made a big difference but it put a smile on these people's faces and that makes me happy knowing that I probably made someone's day by doing little deeds like this.

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