Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pay it forward Manual

Part 1: Paying something forward is when you do something out of the goodness of your heart for no reward or recognition.

Part 2: For my act of kindness I donated a garbage bag of close that I didn't wear or didn't fit to the good will.
I chose this because I always do donate clothes,  probably around once a month and because it has been really cold lately and lots of kids in the city need clothes.
By doing this I helped children around the area by giving them clothes at a cheaper kind of store instead of paying hundreds of dollars on jackets and shirt and stuff.
I went through all of my drawers and made a pile for clothes I didn't need and clothes I wanted to keep.
I did this all on January 3rd.

Part 3: All my act of kindness was just me dropping off some clothes.
I just put the bag in the big grey rolling bins by the door.
I felt good because I know that I'm helping out some children who can't afford new clothes.
I guess the people who worked there felt pretty happy that a kid is helping out by donating clothes.
No I did not ask anyone to pay it forward because there are allot of people who could just buy one article of clothing so plenty of people could buy my old clothes.

Part 4: The idea of paying something forward is important because if you do it once another person will do it so that makes 2 people and then they will both tell a person and on and on.
I'm sure that my act of kindness will affect people in time because my clothes may not be sold and bought right away.

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